DAYSIM Subprogram: radfiles2daysim

radfiles2daysim.exe is one of the Daysim Subprogram. It reads in a series of radiance scene files given by the header file keyword radiance_source_files, checks the elements in the file, and modifies them - if necessary - so that the gen_dc and gen_dgp_profile programs can handle them. The resulting 'Daysim proof' Radiance elements are separated into materials and geometry, and they are written into the files specified using the keywords material_file and geometry_file. The following modifications are being made:

  • If a scene file contains a light source (Radiance modifier light or glow), then these materials are changed into a black plastic. This is necessary because the daylight coefficient calculation is corrupted if additional light sources are in the scene.
  •  If a material has a color (RGB values differ), then the material is turned gray by weighing the RGB channels according to the luminous response curve of the  human eye, i.e. Gray = 0.3 x Red + 0.59 x Green + 0.11 x Blue. This process is necessary because the daylight coefficients are calculated by gen_dc using the Red color channel to save memory during runtime.

Please note that advanced Radiance materials referring to function files (*.cal) might not be supported by Daysim depending on the specific material.

Program Author: Christoph Reinhart

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