DAYSIM Subprogram: gen_directsunlight

gen_directsunlight generates a direct glare file (*.dir) that predicts the appearance of glare due to direct sunlight near a work plane sensor throughout the year for all considered shading device settings. The glare criterion at any point in time is satisfied if interior direct sunlight stronger than 50Wm-2 is incident on any of the work plane sensors defined using the header file keyword sensor_file_info.The glare file (*.dir) is used by ds_el_lighting to determine in which position a dynamic shading system should be during a particular point in time. The program requires the following keywords in the DAYSIM header file:

The direct glare format is described in the following. Each line in the file corresponds to a sky conditions in the DAYSIM weather file. The first five columns correspond to month, day, hour direct and diffuse irradiances from the weather file. The following columns all consist of either '0'or '1'. A '1' indicates that at the particular sky condition direct sunlight (as defined above) is incident on any of the work plane sensors. The sixth column shows the glare criterion for all shading groups fully opened.The following n columns show the glare result for all shading groups except for the first opened and the first group successively being closed. Similarly the second set on m columns shows the glare criterion for all groups except for the second opened and the second group successively closed. only two groups are currently being supported by DAYSIM. if more than one shading group is present the last columns show the glare criterion for combinations of the two shading groups closed.   

Example (for a single shading group with one closed position)

month day time direct_irradiance diffuse_irradiance glare_all_blinds_up glare_1stgroup_down

1 1 7.708 0 2 0 0   
1 1 7.792 0 5 0 0     
1 1 7.875 0 6 0 0 
1 1 7.958 0 12 0 0 
1 1 8.042 325 21 1 0 
1 1 8.125 307 27 1 0 
1 1 8.208 307 32 1 0 
1 1 8.292 317 37 1 0

Program Author: Christoph Reinhart

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