DAYSIM Subprogram: gen_dc

gen-dc is a DAYSIM Subprogram that calculates daylight coefficient files in 'dds' and 'classic' format. The former file format was proposed by Bourgeois, Ward and Reinhart to generate more accurate simulations of direct-direct solar contributions in DAYSIM (paper link). If one or more dynamic shading systems are specified using the keyword shading, gen_dc calculates several sets of daylight coefficients. These daylight coefficients are then combined by ds_illum with the DAYSIM weather file to generate annual illuminance profiles.


gen_dc <header file.hea> [-dds]

If the -dds option is used the daylight coefficients will be generated in the corresponding format. Note that in this case ds_illum also has to be called with -dds.]

**Note: gen_dc is the DAYSIM Subprogram that usually takes substantially longer to run than any other program due to the amount of ray-tracing involved. In order to better control the simulation process, gen_dc can be called with the following additional options.

-dir   calculates direct daylight coefficients only

-dif calculates diffuse daylight coefficients only

-paste pastes direct and diffuse daylight coefficient output files into a single complete file

Program Author: Christoph Reinhart

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