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At 11:08am on June 14, 2013, said…

Hi Christoph,

I have installed DAYSIM on windows 7 64 bit. Where does the executable live. I cann't find it in c:\DAYSIM\bin

Kind Regards,


At 11:26pm on October 6, 2013, Shakiba said…

Hi Christoph,

I am gonna use daysim for my thesis project simulation which is about daylighting performance of a library.

as a novice user I don't know which one of the  Ecotect, Rhinoceros or SketchUp to use for modeling.

may I ask you to guild me?

At 11:16am on January 18, 2014, SHAHRYAR said…

Dear Christoph,

Would you please help and guide me that how can I convert TexPad format to .pts format to analysis my project in Daysim. I have drawn sensor point in Sketch up and have transformed to TexPad.

Another my problem is that in my project which is consisted from 2 Floor and in second floor my sensor point height is related to origin is more than 0.85 I was wondering if you could help me, by letting me it is ok or not.       Sincerely                                                                                            

At 12:23pm on January 29, 2014, David Burton said…

Dear Christoph,

I am using Ecotect and the Radiance/Daysim export tool.

Is there a way to adjust the UDI metrics as follows?;

UDIs = <100lux

UDIa = 100-3000lux

UDIe = >3000lux

Many thanks.


David Burton

At 2:39pm on February 6, 2014, Adrien CARPENTIER said…

Dear Mr Reinhart,

I am currently using daysim and I am looking for a solution to get the hourly illuminance on sensors but only due to the direct solar irradiance (without the diffuse part of the sky).

Do you have any idea to get this results ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


At 7:28am on February 26, 2014, Razvan Lucanu said…

Hello Christoph,

I am interested in using radiance (lighting simulation) in order to calculate DA and UDI values for schools.

I would like to know if radiance (lighting simulation) can calculate the DA and UDI values only for a specified occupied period of a school year: Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:00 (at hourly intervals) with lunch break, half term breaks and holiday breaks etc.

I am assuming that it only calculates the daylight levels on a specific day of each month and then averaging the values to give an overall yearly value.

Kind Regards,

Razvan Lucanu

At 4:26pm on April 21, 2014, James Woodall said…

Dear Christoph,

I have recently discovered your plug-in, and have been working my way through the tutorial provided. However when I select to export my model for use within Daysim the export (header) files are not created in the export directory selected.

Can you offer any guidance as to how I can overcome this or suggest where I may have gone wrong if this is a common issue?


James Woodall

At 8:22am on September 22, 2014, Mariana Caldas Melo said…

Dear Reinhart,

I'm from Brazil, and I'm using daysim on my dissertation, however, I'm in trouble.

I'd like a graphic result of the simulation, for that I'm using the plugin su2ds in sketchup. I can reach run simulation, but the part of analysis simulation isn't be able to be done. 

I've tried using ecotect to, but I'm not finding the NRC Materials Libery for dowload Because of this it's ocurring a error on materials during the simulation.

Could you please help me? My email adress is

At 8:30am on May 6, 2015, CHRYSO HER said…

Dear Christoph,

I am using Ecotect and the Radiance/Daysim export tool.

Is there a way to adjust the UDI metrics as follows?;

UDIs = <100lux

UDIa = 100-3000lux

UDIe = >3000lux

Many thanks.

Chryso Her, email:

At 4:55am on May 22, 2015, user7 said…

Mr Reihnhart,

I have installed Daysim on Windows 7.For some reason when running ladybug and Honeybee Simulation in grasshopper I get error from Honeybee Run_Daylight_Simulation: Can´t find the results for the study.

Have tried to install Daysim 4.0 yet the file does not even open.

How do you solve such problem?

Kind Regards,

Niya Syarova

At 4:01am on February 4, 2016, CHRYSO HER said…

Dear Reinhart, 

I have installed the DAYSIM as a plugin in Ecotect software. I would like to calculate the Annual Daylight Glare Probability Profile but I cannot click on it (it is disable and I cannot select it). Do you know how to solve this problem? 

Below the DGP, it is written that a view file is specified under building and I have set a view (i.e. top) but it doesn't change. 

I would be more than grateful if you can give me a solution how to calculate DGP.

Thank you in advance.


At 2:59am on June 24, 2016, sangyong shin said…
Dear Christoph,

I saw daysim tutorial and wonder something.

Daylight Factor is defined as the following in Daysim tutorial : "It is defined as the ratio of the indoor illuminance at a point of interest to the outdoor horizontal illuminance under the overcast CIE sky"

Above, Where can I find 'the outdoor horizontal illuminance' ?
I then placed a light sensor inside the building, and the simulation.
After the DF on indoor sensor is calculated, I found hourly the indoor illuminance(.ill) in the file 'res', but not a horizontal outdoor illumination was used to calculate DF.

I'd appreciate if you help me. thank you.
At 2:31am on December 23, 2018, adil jovu said…

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At 1:37am on January 14, 2019, nichakorn said…

Dear Christoph,

I had discover DAYSIM recently and would like to use for my thesis on window10  but I cant follow your instruction for installation since i cannot find DAYSIMps file anywhere and when I try clicking DAYSIMps.jar it keeps flashing unautorized software aborted. 

I'd appreciate if you could help me. thank you.

At 8:21am on March 8, 2019, Lucano Deskovic said…

@ nichakorn and anyone else that might be reading this,

the reason why DAYSIMps is not working is because it was coded to stop working after December 2015.

I think it would be prudent to update the main page with that information, since many users will waste time trying to debug their instalation  or their OS - but the fact is, the DAYSIMps just cant be run. 

If mr. Reinhart agrees, I can upload a recompiled .jar file. 

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