DAYSIM Header File Keyword: Shading

This is a required header file keyword to configure the Dynamic Shading Module in DAYSIM. The module allows users to model the effect of currently up to two interdependently controlled shading systems on the annual amount of daylight (daylight availability) in a space. The module is linked to the Electric Lighting Module which then translates this daylight availability into electric lighting use, again for various control strategies.

The shading keyword is used to specify the optical properties and the individual states in each shading group as well as the control strategy used to operate the shading group. For example, a venetian blind can be modeled in several states ranging from fully opened to fully lowers with the slats in horizontal position and fully lowered with the slats closed at an angle. The control strategy determines whether a shading system is manually or automatically controlled using various sensors and control algorithms. Three distinct modeling modes are supported:

Static/No shading

This is the default mode. In this case the building has no movable shading devices but instead any shading system (overhang etc.) is included in the base scene geometry file. more>>

Dynamic Shading Model (Simple)

This is a quick and simplified blind model that a designer may use during initial design explorations while developing a general feeling for impact of shading devices on the annual amount of daylight within a space. more>>

Dynamic Shading Model (advanced)

If a user wants to explicitly model one or several dynamic shading systems such blinds that cover only parts of a facade, then the shading device has to be defined in several states - as a minimum two (shading opened and closed). In order to model the dynamics of a shading system in more detail, additional states can be modeled.more>>

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