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This input is only meaningful if an advanced or simple shading device mode has been chosen under BUILDING -> shading device mode. The input determines the way the dynamic shading device is operated.  The following shading device control strategies are supported:

Supported Shading Device Control Strategies

Name Description Synthax

Manually Operated Blinds        


This system corresponds to the standard internal Venetian blind system commonly found throughout North America.  1 manual_blinds
Automated  Blinds        

Ideally commissioned automated blind system. The blinds are fully lowered to avoid glare as soon as direct sunlight above 50 Wm-2 hits the work place. The blinds are re-opened as soon as the glare criteria is no longer met.


 2 automated_blinds
no blinds This scenario is unrealistic in most office settings as blinds or comparable devices are usually necessary to provide glare protection from direct sunlight. Please choose this option thoughtfully.  0 no_blinds


blind_control 1

1 #manual_blinds

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