File Format: Internal Gains File (_intgain.csv)

This internal gains file is a DAYSIM output that allows annual daylight simulation programs to be directly coupled with thermal simulation programs such as EnergyPlus, DOE2.1 etc. The file contains hourly schedules of the status of all lighting and shading groups within a Daysim project.The file format is laregelt self-explanatory. The file is set using the keyword 'thermal simulation'.


thermal_simulation <file_name_intgain.csv>


thermal_simulation Daysim_intgain.csv

Example file

Line 1-3: Text

Line 1-3: Text   
Line 4 month     day     hour     occupancy [0=absent...1=present]    lighting [0=off...1=full on]    lighting [0=off...1=full on]   blinds [0=up; 1=down]
Line 5:
1    1    0.5    0    0    0    0   
1    1    1.5    0    0.4    1    1   [LG1 partially on, LG2 2 full on, BG1 blinds down]

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