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Current DAYSIM Release

This version should be downloaded by default. It includes the latest version of the DAYSIM Windows binaries as well as the underlying source code.

New DAYSIMps tool

Penn State University has developed DAYSIM plug-in to assess the performance of a daylighting controlled dimming system over an entire year of simulated weather data using annual daylighting metrics, and to model a photosensor-controlled electric lighting system that considers photosensor placement, field of view, and calibrated control algorithm in an analysis of the annual energy savings and the system’s ability to maintain a desired target level.  The tool permits the user to describe interior shading devices and how they are to be applied.  The current software permits a single control zone to be dimmed or switched using either open-loop or closed-loop control. The plug-in should the installed after the regular DAYSIM has been installed.

DAYSIM 3.1e for WIndows (legacy version)

If you are using DAYSIM in combination with another tool such AUTODESK ECOTECT, you need still need the old JAVA-based DAYSIM GUI. The version below includes the GUI. Please note that the GUI is not being maintained any more. Several users have indicated that the GUI is incompatible with the latest JAVA RUNTIME version. If you still want to use the  DAYSIM, you have to install the JAVA RUNTIME version that comes with the installer below. 

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