DAYSIM Header File Keyword: user_profile

For advanced users DAYSIM allows to manipulate the way building occupants operate their electric lighting and shading systems manually as document in the Lightswitch model.

By default (no user_profile given in the header file) DAYSIM assumes that a zone is occupied by a single user type who operates the electric lighting and blinds actively.

user_profile 1 string_active 100 1 3

The 100 signifies one type of user (100%) who uses electric lighting (1) and blinds (3) actively. The 3 for the blind control indicates that if annual daylight glare probability profiles are available they are used for the simulation instead of the direct sunlight (*.dir) profile. This user is the default user which is why the user_profile keyword can be omitted if you go with it.

If a user assumes that a building is occupied by a mix of active and passive users, several user profiles can be given. In that case ds_electric_lighting  generates e the annual lighting schedule several times and reports a mean value for total eclectic lighting use according the the user behavior mix specified by user_profile (see below). Please note that the Internal Gains Schedule (*_int_gains.csv) is overwritten as the program passes through several user types so whatever the last user type specified under user profile is determines which annual internal gains time series is being generated. For an equal  mix of active and passive users the syntax is:

user_profile 2

string_active 50  1  3   (a user who uses electric lighting and blind controls in an active fashion)

string_passive 50  2  2 (a user who uses electric lighting and blind controls in a passive fashion)


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