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This is a quick and simplified blind model that a designer may use during initial design explorations while developing a general feeling for impact of shading devices on the annual amount of daylight within a space. At this point the exact type of shading system is still undefined. The model is not suitable for annual glare calculations using gen_dgp_profile. The underlying assumption of the simple blind model is that the whole building is equipped with the same type of generic venetian blind system and that all blinds are simultaneously opened and closed. This assumptions typically only holds for a shoebox type model of a single space.The model further assumes that the blinds are fully lowered and set at a 45 degrees downward slat angle. When lowered the blinds transmit 25% of diffuse daylight and block all direct solar radiation compared to the case when the blinds are retracted. The attraction of the model is speed of calculation and ease of setting it up. Once a user has conducted an annual calculation for the blinds up state (Static/No Shading) the simple blind model uses the existing daylight coefficient file and reduces direct and diffuse contributions as detailed above. The model does hence not require any additional, time-consuming annual daylight coefficient calculations. In this case DAYSIM generates two annual illuminance file (*.ill), one for the blinds up and one for the blinds down.


shading 0 <descriptive_string> <file_name.dc> <file_name_no_blinds.ill> <file_name_blinds_down.ill>


shading 0 simple_blinds reference.dc reference.ill reference_blinds_down.ill

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