DAYSIM header file keyword: sensor_file_info

This keywords links individual sensors within the sensor point file to different electric lighting and shading groups used in the Dynamic Shading and Electric Lighting Modules. The keywords in followed by n entries with n corresponding to the number of sensors defined in the sensor point file. (If the two numbers do not agree DAYSIM generates an error message.) The following entries are possible:

  • 0  : The sensor is not linked to any lighting or shading group
  • LG1 : The sensor is linked to Lighting Group 1
  • BG2 : The sensor is linked to Shading Group 2
  • LG3,BG1 : The sensor is linked to Lighting Group 3 and Shading Group 1

If a sensor is linked to a Lighting and Shading Group is depends on the control strategy used by the group how the illuminance level at the sensors are being processed to determine the status of the shading group or electric lighting system.


sensor_file_info 0 0 LG1 0 0 BG1 0 BG1,LG2  [the corresponding sensor file has 8 sensors.]


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