DAYSIM Header File Deyword: Adaptive Zone

This keyword corresponds to a binary switch that, if invoked, applies the concept of the adaptive zone to a glare analysis and manually controlled  blind system. The Adaptive Zone concept, introduced by Jakubiec and Reinhart (2012), assumes that the annual daylight glare probability at multiple viewpoints within a scene is calculated, then the minimum DGP value at any given time is used to determine occupant comfort and or use of a manually controlled shading system. The concept is based on the hypothesis that if a user is free to look in different directions or place him or herself in different positions within a space, he or she is going to pick the most comfortable one. The idea is hence that multiple viewpoint given to DAYSIM for an annual analysis correspond to possible potions of the same individual. If on the other hand the positions correspond to multiple individuals, then the concept doe not apply since every single individual has to be comfortable.

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