DAYSIM is a validated, RADIANCE-based daylighting analysis software that models the annual amount of daylight in and around buildings. DAYSIM allows users to model dynamic facades systems ranging from standard venetian blinds to state-of-the-art light redirecting elements, switchable glazings and combinations thereof. Users may further specify complex electric lighting systems and controls including manual light switches, occupancy sensors and photocell controlled dimming.

Simulation outputs range from climate-based daylighting metrics such as daylight autonomy and useful daylight illuminance to annual glare and electric lighting energy use. DAYSIM also generates hourly schedules for occupancy, electric lighting loads and shading device status which can be directly coupled with thermal simulation engines such as EnergyPlus, eQuest and TRNSYS. more>>


DAYSIM is a simulation engine meaning that it consists of a series of command line programs that carry out  the different simulation steps described above. DAYSIM users may choose from a variety of Graphical User Interfaces which call DAYSIM from within Rhinoceros, SketchUp and Ecotect. For more information please click on the images below and or refer to a plug-in comparison chart. Expert users and software developers may refer to the DAYSIM API.

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